Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we want to answer for our customers!

- Is the Service Department open on Saturdays?

No. Our service technician's work so hard during the week, we need them fully rested to get back at it Monday morning.

- Does your company offer RV Rentals?

No we do not. We offered rentals when we first opened, but got out of doing it a couple years ago.

- Are you associated with Camping World?

No we are not. The only other location we are associated with is our sister store Apache Village RV Center located in Hazelwood, MO.

- Do you need a CDL in order to drive a Motorhome?

While most states do not require a DCL for driving large RV’s, some do require special non-commercial licenses structured after the federal classification. It is not required in Missouri!

- What’s my trade worth?

Trade allowance is a combination of trade plus discount; So the allowance will depend on which RV you are interested in and how deeply the RV is discounted off the MSRP.

- Can I qualify for credit?

The first step you would need to do in order to see if you pre-qualify is to fill out a credit app. That way you will know what units you should be looking at that will fit with your desired monthly payment.

- Which RV is right for me?

Many things play a part in figuring out which RV will suit you best! You’ll need to think about certain things such as what you’re using it for, how many people the unit will need to sleep, how much your vehicle can tow, what price range will fit in your budget, etc. A salesman will be able to narrow it down to what will work best for you and your family!

- How much gas mileage do you typically get driving a Motorhome?

It averages between 9-11 mpg.

- Do you fill propane?

Yes, we fill propane Monday thru Friday.


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