History Behind Keystone RV


When Cole Davis founded Keystone RV in 1996 his vision was clear: Build a quality RV loaded with features priced thousands less than other RVs on the market. To accomplish his goal, Cole would recruit and build a strong team, focus on keeping overhead low, and empower the people closest to the customer to make decisions.
Within a few short months after opening the doors, Keystone produced its very first camper—the wood framed, aluminum-skinned Sprinter. Delivering big on quality, features and value, the public fell in love with Sprinter and a star was born.

When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

Through engineering Keystone set the standard on how RV’s are built. Each and every component goes through a rigorous test cycle by Keystone engineers. This seems like common sense, but it’s not always the case at many companies. Keystone has higher standards, and parts have to pass our test or they can’t be used. In some cases this means they spend more money, but they know it’s the right way.

Innovation That Starts With A Solid Foundation

Some RV manufacturers add gadgets, bells and whistles for the sake of saying they have something new. Often this eye candy is like a sugar high, with no lasting benefits to you…or worse. At Keystone, innovation is a priority and revolves around delivering real value, easier to use products, making things last longer, and service advancements. Take for example, their color-coded and numbered electrical wiring. Keystone RV innovated it and is the only towable RV Company to incorporate this across all brands. Why? It’s simple, your hard earned money deserves only the best!

Keeping It “Small”

When companies grow they can quickly lose focus. Keystone RV treats each brand like a small, separate company. So much so that each brand has their very own manufacturing plant, production team, engineering team, quality control team and even their own sales support team. Their only focus is that brand and its customers! This enables Keystone to become experts within each of these brands, resulting in unprecedented attention to detail.

Experience Of Ownership

People often ask: “How did Keystone become the #1 manufacturer of Fifth Wheels with the most return customers than any other brand?” The answer is simple, Keystone provides an ownership experience that is focused on you the customer. They want their owners to get the most out of their new RV so they created videos to help. Keystone built a customer service department that is second to none to provide you the fastest and most accurate service support you demand. They engage and build relationships directly at the factory with their customers long after the sale to make sure they are taken care of in every aspect. All of this and over 1,100 service centers in North America to serve you if the need arises.

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