Meet Midwest RV Center's Staff

Bob Meyer


W: 314-815-3604

Meet Bob, a dedicated family man with four amazing children and a loving wife. Outside of work, Bob finds joy in exploring new destinations, hiking through nature's beauty, and perfecting his golf swing. His commitment to balancing family life with personal interests showcases his strong values and adventurous spirit.

Jake Meyer


W: 314-815-3605

Hi! I’m Jake. I have grown up in the RV Business and I enjoy working in this industry almost as much as I enjoy partaking in it. I have both a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) as well as my Master’s degree from Saint Louis University. I spend most of my free time outdoors, whether I’m golfing, fishing, hiking, camping, etc. I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and rooting for the St. Louis Blues and Cardinals.

Randy Starkey

General Sales Manager

W: 314-815-3608

Randy has been in the RV industry since 2001. Growing up in a family that has been camping and traveling since his early childhood, Randy developed a deep love for the great outdoors and a keen understanding of the needs and preferences of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. His passion for camping and riding horses not only reflects his personal interests but also underscores his commitment to providing top-notch service and products that cater to the unique requirements of RV travelers.

Jim McClung


W: 314-815-3616 | M: 314-374-0153

I have worked in the RV industry since 2004. I'm happily married to my wife Kerry and we have 3 kids together. In my free time I enjoy riding my UTV, boating, and camping. I pride myself on finding the perfect RV for my customers and providing excellent customer service after the sale!

Mark Minnela


W: 314-815-3618 | M: 314-369-9856

I have been in the RV industry since 1988! It's really nice to be able to have a job that fits me so well. I love being able to help people find the right RV, and then watch them enjoy using it! In my spare time I enjoy family and friends, along with church and helping others. Sports continues to be an important part of my life as is camping and riding my Harley. I love it here at Midwest RV and if there's anything I can do to make you feel the same, please let me know!

Vince Moses


W: 314-815-3611 | M: 314-393-3285

Hi I'm Vince! I've been in the RV industry since 2007, and in sales and customer service for over 20 years. I have two children and one granddaughter. I enjoy spending my time with my lovely wife of 23 years, camping, and riding our motorcycle. I started in this business because I enjoyed camping in an RV and figured I could help others find the right RV and enjoy the lifestyle as much as my family does!

Rey Poston


W: 314-815-3615 | M: 815-509-0464

I've been in the customer service industry for over 20 years, but specifically in the RV industry since 2013. I'm married to Maria Poston and we have two children, Madison (13) and Griffin (4). My hobbies include playing with my kids, fishing, golfing, and camping. I am a graduate of several top rated customer service programs, former board member of my church, and I pride myself on my ability to help my customers in a timely manner with creative solutions to problems at hand.

Brad Harris


W: 314-815-3612 | M: 920-209-1849

My name is Bradley Harris and I have been camping and exploring my entire life. I grew up in Wisconsin and we had 40 acres of land. When I was a kid we spent every weekend there! Over the summer, I played baseball and we took vacations out west in our camper to different national parks - Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Big Sur, the Hoh Rainforest, and so many more! I have 2 dogs that travel with me everywhere now. l/we do a lot of road trips and backpacking. Camping is one of those things I will always love!

Geoff Sandt


W: 314-815-3612 | M: 314-374-6610

Geoff has been in the RV industry since 2017. Him and his wife have a daughter and son together. He enjoys hiking, biking and cooking. In his spare time he volunteers for his local community, helping the elderly and loved ones with things that they need.

Robert Ward


W: 314-487-4729 | M: 314-574-9860

Robert's extensive 30-year career in the car dealership industry has equipped him with a wealth of experience and knowledge, making his transition into the RV business an exciting new chapter filled with endless possibilities. Alongside his loving family consisting of his wife, 3 children, and dog, Robert finds joy in his hobbies of relaxing at his lake house, indulging in boating and jet skiing adventures, and perfecting his golfing skills. With a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a knack for hands-on activities around his home, Robert's enthusiasm and dedication are sure to bring a fresh perspective and success to his endeavors in the RV industry.

Eric Jenkins


W: 314-815-3609 | M: 636-215-0859

Eric has been in the RV industry since 2006. He has cultivated a wealth of experience in the RV industry, demonstrating a deep passion for travel, camping, fishing, sports, and friendly poker games. His dedication to exploring new destinations and connecting with nature shines through in his work, inspiring others to embrace adventure and camaraderie.

Sara Gunnett

Office Manager/HR

W: 314-815-3606

Sara has been in the RV industry since 2006. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as reading a good book.

Angel Meng

Title Clerk/Unit Inspection Specialist

W: 314-815-3607

Angel has been in the RV industry since 1999. She is happily married to Kris who works in the service department and they one fur baby. She enjoys going to the country and four wheeling, as well as spending time at home doing crafts.

Moriah Kurtzeborn

Website Manager/Warranty Administrator

Hi, I'm Moriah and I've been with Midwest RV since 2014! Outside of work I enjoy reading, camping, fishing, game nights with my family, and spending time with my son.

Danielle Zeman

Finance Manager

W: 314-815-3625

Danielle has been in the RV industry for about 3 years now and grew up loving the outdoors. Her family always enjoyed going camping over the years and she loves the St. Louis Blues!

Shelly Oestricker


W: 314-815-3603

Shelly has worked at Midwest RV since Spring of 2021 and has over 10 years of dealership experience. In her free time she enjoys camping at the lake in her RV, walking/jogging 5k's, and spending time with friends and family.


Marketing & Advertising/Website/Office Assistant

W: 314-815-3633

Felicia has worked at Midwest RV since Spring of 2021. She enjoys spending time with her 4 kids, exploring nature, going on hikes, crafting/DIY projects and spending time with friends.

Kyle Moyers

Parts Manager

W: 314-815-3630

Kyle started camping with his parents at a young age and he now camps with his wife and 4 children any chance he gets. He also enjoys working on automotive upholstery in his free time.

Dave Fortner

Parts Advisor

W: 314-815-3613

Dave has been in the RV industry since 2003. He enjoys working on cars and watching NFL Football.

Greg Goetz

Parts Advisor

W: 314-487-4729 | M: 314-471-9868

Greg has been in the RV industry since 2019. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He is a fan of the Blues, Cardinals, and Mizzou.

Scott Luker

Service Manager

W: 314-815-3626

Scott has been working in the RV industry since 1994. He enjoys hiking and spending time with his 3 children.

Lisa Dalton

Service Writer

W: 314-815-3622

Lisa has worked in the RV industry since 2004. She has 2 fur babies along with 3 grand-daughters and 4 grand-sons. Outside of work she enjoys being outdoors four wheeling, fishing, and shooting guns. "A girl can never have too many boots!" (Current count: 89)

Jamie Dawson

Service Writer

W: 314-815-3634

Jamie began working in the RV industry in 2022. When Jamie is not working she spends time with her kids, chauffeuring them to and from their games. She also enjoys cooking.

Mike Arnold

Service Writer

W: 314-815-3620

Professionally, I've been in the RV industry since September 2023, but I bought my 2016 Coachman Catalina Legacy 333RETS from Midwest RV in 2020. Prior to Midwest RV, I had been with Charter for almost 9 years, and prior to that I worked at various companies in the automotive industry such as NTB, Sears, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.
I am married with a 13 year old son who is a speed cuber and plays trombone for his school bands. We also attend Cubing competitions when he gets the opportunity to compete. My wife is an interior designer and Design Director for her company. When I’m not at work or studying for my IT degree, I enjoy camping, hunting, fly fishing and fly tying, woodworking, tinkering with my RV, and I’m an Amateur Radio Operator too. There is never enough time to go camping, but we try to squeeze in an escape when we can.

Katie Eckhard

Warranty Manager

W: 314-815-3621

Katie has worked in the RV industry since 2001. She enjoys spending time with her daughter as well as being outdoors.

Kris Meng

Master Certified Shop Foreman

Kris has been a service technician in the RV industry for 18 years. He enjoys hunting and riding ATV's at his property in the country.

Keith Elliot

Master Certified Service Technician

Keith has been an RV Service Technician since 2002. He likes doing woodworking and golfing on the weekends.

Wes Miller

Master Certified Service Technician

Wes has been a service technician since 1973. He loves to fish, hunt, and go ATVing.

Jeremy Petzon

Registered Service Technician

Jeremy has worked in the RV industry since 2006. He enjoys playing golf as well as spending time with his family

Jason Johndrow

Level 2 Certified Technician

Jason has worked in the RV industry since 2007. He likes to fish, hunt, and spend time with his wife and three kids.

Sam McKean

Level 2 Certified Technician

Sam has been in the RV business since the Spring of 2023. He enjoys being a father to his daughter, and in his spare time he enjoys fishing and working on cars.

Shawn Green

PDI Manager/Level 2 Certified Technician

Shawn has worked in the RV industry since 2012. He loves hunting and spending time with his daughter and three sons.

Collin Redden

Level 2 Certified Technician

Collin has worked in the RV industry since 2016. He enjoys hiking, working out, and playing video games.

Tyler Diel

Level 2 Certified Technician

Tyler has worked in the RV industry since 2020. Outside of work he enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors.

Josh Vauthier

PDI Technician

Josh has worked in the RV industry since 2018. In his free time he enjoys working out and fishing.

Wes Zaleski

Level 2 Certified Technician

Wes started working in the RV industry in 2022. He enjoys riding 4 wheelers, working on cars, and drawing.

Austin Campbell

PDI Technician

Austin has been in the RV industry since 2020. He enjoys kayaking, taking his dog to the park, and spending quality time with his daughter.

Tomaz Collins


Tomaz has worked in the RV industry since 2019. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family and watching football.

Austin West


Austin has worked in the RV industry since the fall of 2022. He likes to play video games, play basketball, and hang out with his friends.

Eric Young


Eric has been in the RV industry since 2021. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and riding ATVs.

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